Departments of Physics

Vision & Mission:

  • The main Motto "Bahujan Hitay Bahujan Sukhayi" 'education for masses and their well being' envisioned by Late Karmaveer Bhausaheb Hiray, founder of a well Known institution Mahatma Gandhi Vidayamandir ,Malegaon Camp inspires us to reach out to the underprivileged sections of the society.
  • The college strives to reach out to the underprivileged tribal youth for bearing the goal, to provide opportunities of higher education to the poor, needy and especially to the down trodden, depressed, tribal and the backward communities of the society, to impart knowledge, to develop professional and occasional skills and to provide opportunities for excellence, to social reformation and progress, humanism, social justice and equality among the students.

Goals of the Department:

  • To overcome fear of Physics and create interest among the tribal students.
  • To attract more students to learn Physics.
  • To provide the laboratory facilities and new techniques to learn.
  • To organize interdisciplinary National Level Seminars/ conferences
  • To organize Guest Lecture Series
  • Undertaking Minor / Major Research Projects
  • Career oriented counseling of students
  • Guidance to students for competitive exams
  • Organize Remedial coaching classes for SC/ST/OBC and minority students


  • 1) Colorimeter Digital Equiptronics (EQ 651: Photoelectric with set of 8 Imp filters)
  • 2) Conductivity meter Digital Equiptronics (EQ 665)
  • 3) Hot Plate 22.5 cm Dia Regulator CI Labhos P LHC-16
  • 4) Magnetic Stirrer 1 Lit. with Hot Plate Remi 1 MLH
  • 5) Potentiometer Digital Equiptronics (EQ 606)
  • 6) Water Bath

Teaching Faculty

Prof. Dr. A. V. Patil