Departments of Geography


The department runs the undergraduate level course in geography since in june 1992. The staff of the department is highly quilified and with diverse intrestests in reasearch. The atmosphere of the department is student centric and healthy. The department is dedicated to educate the students through various curricular, co - curricular and extracurricular activities. Study of Geography is highly allied to our day to day life and natural processes. This enables the students to understand the principles of Environment, Earth sciences, Life sciences and Agriculture.

Vision & Mission:

  • 'Bahujan Hitay Bahujan Sukhay' the motto envisioned by Late Bhausaheb Hiray inspires us to reach out to the underprivileged sections of the society.
  • The department strives to reach out to the underprivileged tribal youth to bring it in the mainstream of higher education.

Goals of the Department:

  • To help tribal students overcome fear of learning environmental and geographical issues.
  • To attract more students to study in geography subject.
  • To create interest among students to environmental and geographical issues.
  • To provide environment in which all member of the department can enhance their skill and apply them to a wide range of theoretical and practical problems in the service of the community.
  • To provide quality teaching to tribal students at undergraduate level.
  • To provide access to the widest possible range of source of knowledge.


  • A computer with internet connection
  • A well-furnished department.
  • Geographical equipment's -surveying equipment accessories of plane-table , Prismatic compass, GPS, Weather instrument as Rain gauge , Thermometer , Barometer etc.

Teaching Faculty

Prof. V. D. Ahire

Assistant Professor

Dr. S. U. Deore

Asso Professor

Dr. U. P. Surywanshi

Asso Professor