Departments of Economics


Since the beginning of the college, the college has economics as a general subject. However, in 1993 the college started teaching economics at special level.

Vision & Mission:

To produce socially responsible students with sound knowledge in economic theory and its applications in order to equip them to serve positions of responsibility in government, international bodies, the corporated sector, universities and research institutions.

To provide curricula that promote critical thinking skills and enhance decision making abilities, which help students become productive and informed citizens. Our faculty will engage in research to create and disseminate new knowledge, develop quality-teaching skills, maintain high professional standards, and actively serve the University and Community.

Goals of the Department:

    - To impart quality education to the poor, downtrodden masses and to the last man of the Society.

    - To provide facilities for the acquisition of knowledge and information and the advancement of Economics.

    - To undertake and make available facilities for research in Economics.

    - To carry on experiments with a view to improve methods of teaching.

    - To ensure and inculcate perfect discipline in terms of regularity, sincerity and punctuality amongst the students so that they contribute to the society and nation as a whole as most responsible and respectable citizens.

    - To provide a platform to the students by giving them an opportunity to face all the challenges of the competitive worlds, with utmost utilization of their potential in sports, athletic, cultural and other events.

    - To undertake publicity and propaganda of the ideal thoughts and teaching of our Economic Star personalities by all possible means, such as lectures, debates, and demonstration.

    - To hold, organize, arrange seminars, conferences, kavisammelan. (Poetic meet)


  • Excellent tradition of good academic performance
  • Students are offered field experience by making them visit banks to understand financial transaction.
  • The department invites learned visiting faculty to enrich students performance.

Teaching Faculty & Publications

Number of papers published in peer reviewed journals (National / International) by faculty and students

Sr. No Name of faculty No. of paper published in ISSN / ISBN Journals

Dr. Ghuge S.B.



Bhoye K.K.


Chapters in Books:01

Sr. No Name of faculty Title of the book Chapter Number ISSN / ISBN

Dr. Ghuge S.B

Research Journey




  • Well Qualified Faculties.
  • Enrich Stock of Reference Books.
  • Support of Institution for Academic Activities.


  • Organization of State & National Level Seminar
  • To initiate Departmental E-Library
  • Opportunities to the Faculties for participation in the National & International level Conferences & Seminars.


  • To motivate Students for Research activities
  • To increase the Competency among the students to face global challenges & for better placement opportunities.

Future Plans

  • To encourage the faculty to apply for Minor & Major research project work.
  • The Department is planning to organize State Level & National Level Seminar.
  • Use of modern teaching methods.
  • To start Economics Subject at PG Leve.