Departments of Botany

Vision & Mission:

Strive for understanding the diversified facets of plant science motivating young talents and society to unravel the prime role of plants in evolution and synergy of nature. The mission of the Botany Department is to provide its students with an education that establishes a strong foundation and appreciation for understanding the development in the rapidly advancing field of Plant Science and Technology, to develop technical and critical thinking skills necessary for success in the field, to foster ethical behaviour, and to promote outreach.

Goals of the Department:

Committed to achieve the academic excellence and promote research towards strengthening the student's competence to fetch more and more opportunities in the field of plant science for better understanding of biodiversity and conservation strategies to sustain the life on mother earth.

  • To achieve academic excellence in basic and applied aspects of plant sciences.
  • To impart basic and advanced education to students through teaching, learning, research and evaluation.
  • To motivate the students to undertake research in basic and applied thrust areas of plant sciences.
  • To inculcate scientific awareness towards protecting diversity and eco-environmental management of plant resources for sustainable development.
  • To inspire the students towards better understanding and use of IT/Computer oriented interphase.
  • To develop human resource in Botany.
  • To carry out need based Research.
  • To develop eco-friendly and economically viable technology.
  • To develop technologies for rural and tribal people of the region.
  • To transfer technology from lab to field.


  • 1) Air Sampler System (Complete Kit LA 002)
  • 2) Arc Indicator (Big size metal)
  • 3) Two Portable Autoclave (30x23 cm S.T. Medica # 7407)
  • 4) Camera Lucida (Mirror type)
  • 5) Centrifuge (Medico 4x15 ml Remi C-852)
  • 6) Compound Microscope (Acculab SSA-16)
  • 7) Computer Set with Printer, Scanner & Internet facility
  • 8) Copper Calorimeter
  • 9) Digital Balance (one pan Phoenix Gold-300P)
  • 10) Digital PH Meter (Battery/main operated, Equip. EQ-615)
  • 11) Dissecting Microscope (Heavy Acculab SSA-11)
  • 12) Ganong's Photometer
  • 13) Incubator (Microbiological PEW-205)
  • 14) Lux Meter
  • 15) Rotary Shaker
  • 16) Sterilization Chamber (Fluorescent/UV)
  • 17) Water Bath (6 holes single wall SS Besto 8636A)

Teaching Faculty

Prof. Dr. Devidas G. Kapadnis

HOD & Associate Professor
Area Of Interest : Angiosperms

Prof. Sagar D. Palwe

Associate Professor
Area Of Interest:Plant Biotechnology

Dr. S. S. Harane

Asst. Professor

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